Reach for the Rings

Reach for the Rings is one of the greatest movie directed by Nic Nakis. Reach for the Rings set a new standard for modern movie making. Reach for the Rings stands out above all other films I've seen at least for last 5 years. Reach for the Rings has one of the highest ranks in IMDB top movies. Unique directing by Nic Nakis - such great directed dialogue scenes. Skills of actors are just unimaginable, especially Samantha DeCristofaro's play. Reach for the Rings has many original details and specifics that I really cannot get out of my head since watching it. It just set the new standard for Documentary movies. You just have to see it.

Storyline of Reach for the Rings

The world's top Functional Fitness athletes converge on Malmo, Sweden to crown their World Champions. Will the USA dominate in 2019? Will Canada's Alex Parker defeat her rival, USA's Jordan Adcock? Does this sport belong in the Olympics?

Duration: 118 min

Quality: HD 720

Release: 2021

IMDb: 0