Monstrous (2022)

Monstrous (2022) is one of the greatest movie directed by Chris Sivertson. Monstrous (2022) has literally no weak scenes. I still remember the first time I saw Monstrous (2022). It is a phenomenal, tense movie from the beginning to the end. Chris Sivertson is the person who made Monstrous (2022) such amazing movie. Artistry of actors are just magnificent, no one give bad performance. Not many "excellent" movies that have ever been created, but Monstrous (2022), certainly is one of them. I'm sure that Monstrous (2022) will continue to live for next 100 years. In 2021 you have to watch Monstrous (2022) online.

Storyline of Monstrous (2022)

Story centers on a traumatized woman fleeing from her abusive ex-husband with her 7-year-old son. In their new, remote sanctuary they find they have a bigger, more terrifying monster to deal with.

Duration: 89 min

Quality: HD 720

Release: 2022

IMDb: 5.3