Bullets of Justice

One of the greatest movies of all time - Bullets of Justice. Bullets of Justice set a new standard for modern movie making. Bullets of Justice stands out above all other films I've seen at least for last 5 years. Bullets of Justice has one of the highest ranks in IMDB top movies. Unique directing by Valeri Milev - such great directed dialogue scenes. Skills of actors are just unimaginable, especially Danny Trejo's play. Bullets of Justice has many original details and specifics that I really cannot get out of my head since watching it. It just set the new standard for Action movies. You just have to see it.

Storyline of Bullets of Justice

During the Third World War, the American government initiates a secret project code named "Army Bacon" in order to create super soldier by inbreeding human being with pigs. 25 years later a...

Duration: 76 min

Quality: HD 720

Release: 2020

IMDb: 6